Beef Stroganoff recipe

Di had a hankering for Beef Stroganoff, this happens often and I usually cheat and use a ready mixed sauce (no cooker = you need every cheat there is!). Anyway, today I had both an oven, and I was going shopping, so when I picked up the ready mix packet, I looked at the ingredients and got the main ones… you know, the ones that didn’t look like they belonged in a chemistry set.

I also googled ‘stroganaoff recipe’ and found almost every recipe was different, so I gave up the idea of following a recipe and just went with my instincts.

Quite by chance, considering the ‘knocked up’ nature of the meal, it was delicious, really delicious, so worth recording here, mainly so I don’t forget.

I didn’t have any beef steak to slice up, so just used beef mince, but sliced beef steak would be better and chicken would be fine too. This sauce is delicious and also very flexible, judging by the google search. So, while I did this, if you don’t have double cream, or red wine vinegar, don’t worry, just go ahead anyway.

I had a 700g packet of beef mince and used the following for the sauce

2 Onions, chopped and about 2 heaped teaspoons of smoked paprika (change this according to your taste) Fry these together in a bit of oil and add:

250g of chestnut mushrooms – I just took off the stalks and cut them into quarters. More mushrooms would be fine. Add them to the frying onions. After a minute or two I added about

5 tablespoons of red wine vinegar. I think this is the maximum you could do, 3 would be ideal. I also squirted in a

Couple of tablespoons of tomato puree.

Then some beef stock… I had none so I used Bisto Onion gravy granules and about 200ml of boiling water. An oxo cube would be fine too.

Then I added the beef and put some rice on to cook.

After the beef was cooked through, and the rice was ready, I turned the heat down and added

4 tablespoons of double cream and a small pot of sour cream. It doesn’t need to be boiled after you add these, in case they separate. Also add a good

Splash of brandy… if you cook on gas you could light this for effect.

I taste tested and for flavour added more paprika and some salt and pepper and a good pinch of parsley.

Sorry, I wish I’d had some photo’s, but really, I was just knocking something up, I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it was.