Grass pollen and Bob!

BobWell, I didn’t see this coming…

When our offer on the land had been accepted last year (2013) and the purchase was going along swimmingly, I decided it was time to get my smallholders dog, Bob.  I figured that way he could grow up on the farm and that would be his lifestyle.  All has been going brilliantly… until the grass pollen came out to play.  It turns out, my Bob is allergic to grass pollen!!

In order to solve this dilemma (concreting 13 acres just isn’t an option!) he’s taking antihistamines and I’m bathing his sores with salt water, but what I really need is a bath/large water container to be able to rinse him off each day to get the pollen off him.  In the summer months when the pollen is at it’s worst it will also be a nice refreshing dip for the lad.  Much better than the muddy puddle he chose for himself, which now we’ve not had much rain for a while is gone.

So, perhaps you are doing up your bathroom and have an old bath you want rid of (not too far from Cornwall would be good!), or maybe an old trough or loft cold water tank?  Anything really that would hold enough water in it that a large breed dog could use as a bath/dip.

Let me know if you can help.  Bob & I would really appreciate any input or offers of water holding containers, so that my lad can get back to some good old unfettered enjoyment of the farm, without the issue of an underbelly reacting to grass pollen.