Pickled Onions – Feedback please!!

jars - pickled onions 1So, the first of the pickled onions have gone out to the first 5 or 6 lucky volunteers.  Here’s the place to add your feedback on them please 🙂

I’ve tried the pickled onions from as young as 2 weeks old, right up to 5 weeks old so far and my delight with them has multiplied accordingly at each tasting.  In fact, if I’m entirely honest, I have never once in my life, before tasting these particular ones, gone “WOW!!!!” about eating a pickled onion!

Ma Garside is the provider of the recipe and for that we are eternally grateful.  Adrian gets to relive a particularly fond memory from his childhood, and I get to wow a pickled onion for the first time!  Thank you Ma Garside 🙂 xx

Please now leave us your feedback 🙂  Thank you xxx


This following picture makes us so proud!  Thank you for all the wonderful feedback so far.  We have 4 more deliveries to make on Tuesday and then our 2014 Pickled Onion season is done.  Roll on 2015 😀

Feedback received 30th November 2014 via Messenger: