It’s Marmalade Season – the taste tests are on!!


I eagerly await January every year because the Seville Oranges arrive and it’s Marmalade making season. I hunt the aisles at the supermarkets for them with real anticipation, and frequently disappointment, it seems they are only in stock for a week or two.

Over the years I have made many marmalades and there is no doubt that home made is pretty much always superior to shop bought. There are loads of recipes, many different ingredients that all make nice marmalade.

But, after alot of fine tuning, I have settled on a couple of favorites, I have experimented with different sugars, different ways of cooking the skin, slicing the skins after cooking, or before (and during), including seeds and removing them later, removing them up front and different additional ingredients.

Now I am down to two recipes, and I suppose, in retrospect, it isn’t completely unexpected, they are the ones with the fewest ingredients (just 3) and the most ‘technique’.

Obviously, I wanted only natural ingredients, no funny chemicals so the three ingredients are Seville Oranges ( C9H13NO) , Lemon juice ( C6H8O), Sugar  ( C12H22O11 ). I don’t mind telling you the ingredients, but I’m not saying how I make it… I have to have some secrets! Oh, except it took me 7 hours to make this batch!

Anyway, as with all things these days, I want to sell this marmalade in due course and I know from experience, what I like isn’t necessarily what everyone else likes. I need some feedback, from special volunteers willing to expose themselves to danger in the interests of commercial endeavor.

If you’d like to volunteer, let me know and if we can, we’ll get a jar to you. Please just leave comments below. This is a thick shred, but I’ll be doing a batch of thin shred too.