Completely Cuckoo… Cuckoo!!

Common-Cuckoo_NMIt’s only a couple of years since I last heard a Cuckoo cuckooing, but for many it’s a great many years.  I felt pretty honoured to have had the pleasure again and boasted about it on Facebook so joyfully.

Imagine the scene if you will.  Adrian has just arrived back at the farm from a week away working in London.  Our eldest, Finn, is down for three weeks of the summer holidays, and, we are all sat at the dining table in the caravan catching up on the news of each others weeks.  Suddenly, I see a bird of a peculiar shape and size, fly past the front window of the caravan.  I get up slowly and head to the side window at the hedgerow side, and there, sat on the fence of Bob’s dog pen, is that peculiar bird.  I beckon Adrian and Finn to join me slowly and quietly, and we are all stood wondering, what is it??

This peculiar bird was identified as a female cuckoo.  I believe that it was a fledge, as it’s feathers had that new look that only a fledge can have.  We were all staggered.  Seeing a Cuckoo is rare.  Far more rare than hearing one has become.  It felt like a real miracle had happened right before our eyes and we all felt blessed for the privilege.

Cuculus_canorus_vogelartinfoUnbelievably, it got even better than that!

So, the next morning we are all sat out in the yard, drinking coffee and talking about our plans for the day, when that same peculiar shaped bird flew out of our neighbours woodland, did a flypast almost right over our heads, before heading straight back in to our neighbours woodland again.

Twice!  We’ve all seen a Cuckoo TWICE!!!  Once on the Friday evening and then again on the Saturday morning!!!  Absolutely amazing.  Our neighbours have done a wonderful job creating a habitat for wildlife to thrive in.  For that, and the joy of physically seeing a female Cuckoo twice, we are tremendously grateful.