Christmas through to Spring at Axe Head Farm

So, it would seem from looking at our post history that we blog, then we go quiet, then we blog again a few months later.  It may seem an odd situation, but most often the lull in our updates is weather related.

If you look at this occassion, my last post was at Christmas/New Year when I finished digging out our farm track.  Now I’m on-line again.  Why the delay??  Well, pretty much as soon as I finished digging the track it rained, pretty much constantly for 3 months.  My farm track became a canal and all the soil that had been banked up from the diggings was wet and heavy, so work stopped for a while.

20150307_172323_resized_1In the meantime, we’ve been planning for the next 12 months and thinking about where we would like to be by Spring 2016.  In the last month we’ve been able to get back on with the groundwork’s for the infrastructure of the farm. We’ve had a spring clean of the farm too.  I think we all enjoyed the spring clean a lot!  We had a great big fire with our boys to get rid of a load of branches that were cut down to get our static caravan on site.  Lots of the waste we found dumped in the entrance to the farm has now also made it’s way to the tip.  The farm looks so much nicer as a result.

The caravan also needed some help.  It had sat relatively unused all winter and had acquired a nice layer of black mould!  I spent two weeks up here sugar soaping and rinsing every inch of the caravan and then painted it in a neutral colour to make it feel fresh again.  Oh, and I also removed yet more of the ‘holiday home’ furniture and paraphernalia that is completely unnecessary for a farms restroom.  We still don’t have any water, gas or electric connected up, but we do have 2 litre pop bottles by the plenty, a camping stove and a generator, so we can make a cuppa, something to eat and even do the dishes!!  It’s all coming along nicely.

Car ParkIn the last month to 6 weeks we have been busy up here pretty much every day.  We have finished the car parking area off so that visitors have a place to pull in off the single track lane the farm is situated on.  We have also readied some more of the farm’s track ready to be finished of with sub base, thanks entirely to our lovely neighbours, Carol and Rob, and the 15 or so loads of rubble they provided us with.  Also, I’ve started the labourious task of shifting the excess soil that we’ve had laying around from the digging since Christmas.  It’s such an awesome feeling for us both to see things starting to happen again.

Now that we can receive deliveries up here easily it is time for Axe Head Farm to progress more quickly.  In the next few months we intend to build the first of our 4 chicken runs.  Treble the size of our orchard.  Rabbit fence our soft fruits area.  Build some composting pods.  Put in the first pig enclosure.  Get the ground prepared for the first of our two poly tunnels.  I’m pretty sure there is more on the list, but my brain has gone numb just writing down those few things!

So, the summer of 2015 is set to see us grow, rear and progress.  An exciting and exhausting time ahead, but that’s what we signed up for!  We already have a number of our friends coming to see us over the remainder of spring and throughout the summer, and I’m fairly sure that the changes since they visited us last year will be pretty BIG, even as early as next month.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love my job!!