Adrian’s Inspiration

I started reading a book again, that I have read before several times and realized this book had influenced my life.  I started wondering about how many books had done that and I have a top 3 significant books. There is a 4th book that could have been included in my Top 3, but then it would have been a Top 4 then and nobody does a Top 4 list.

Here is my Top 3. I’d be interested in knowing books that would make your top 3 – feel free to post a reply.

Pete GossClose to the Wind by Pete Goss

I saw Pete Goss do a speech/presentation at a conference.  Frankly, he wasn’t all that polished in the way most presentational speakers are.  But there was no doubting his integrity, bravery and commitment.  I bought his book.  That Christmas I bought 10 copies and gave them as Christmas presents. Nowhere in life, or education does anyone illustrate motivation and commitment  as well as Pete Goss does in his book. Perhaps Richard Branson’s book, Losing my Virginity comes close, but it doesn’t have the physical element, and there are many books by athletes that come close, but they focus on the the physical commitment. None I have read have the moral dilemma. I believe this one book has made me able to make decisions in a way I was unable to, prior to reading it.

Tree House DiariesTree House Diaries by Nick Weston

So, around the time I was getting divorced, the recession was at its nadir and my business was struggling, and I know, looking back now, I know I was pretty depressed, I read this book.  I read it then because I had genuine fears about becoming homeless and so I had a vested interest. The result though was a reawakening in my interest in nature and ‘outside’ that I had forgotten from my childhood. I was an outdoors child, but had become an indoors adult and that seemed odd. When I considered what I wanted I realized I was working month to month to pay bills and was nowhere on any plan that I actually found fulfilling. This started me out looking to buy woodland. Other books I read, and meeting Di and learning of her ambitions amended that journey to include agricultural land and as it turned out woodland dropped out of the picture (for now!). But this book started me on the path.

TastesTastes of the Unexpected by Mark Diacono

So, as we are mulling over the possibilities of agricultural land I read this book. The original plan was for a self sufficient lifestyle. This was because I had started doing supermarket shopping with an eye on cost, rather than my previous technique that mostly involved bright packaging. I was amazed at the cost of fruit and veg – 50p for an apple, 50p for a tomato. I looked at my retirement and could not see  a sustainable way of living. I figured I needed to go for an off grid self sufficient lifestyle.

Reading Mark Diacono’s book, Tastes of the Unexpected was a game changer for me. It showed me that I didn’t need to grow potatoes and carrots. I could grow other, much more interesting crops and that moved my ambitions for a ‘self sufficient’ lifestyle into ambitions for a (hopefully, as it is very early days) ‘commercially viable’ farming lifestyle. I can make jams, pickles and other nice stuff, but this would give me an edge that I believed in.

Believed in enough to make a commitment and a 100% decision that would have been previously unmakeable. Believed in enough to adopt an outdoors lifestyle. Believed in enough to be sure we can make a success of this farm. Believed in enough to take these risks with my wife, who I have committed to protect from risk.

The 4th book is more technical and legal, so I didn’t include it as it is not an interesting read, unless you are immersed in this world. It gave me knowledge and with knowledge comes power and confidence. It was definitely influential. E-mail me if you are interested.