2015 roundup.

Adrian here. I’m having a turn writing while I have a day off my day job!

MototrheadSo, Lemmy has died.

I first saw Motorhead in about 1983, it was a school trip. It was an awesome concert, a proper life experience. I firmly believe seeing Ace of Spades played live should have been on everyone’s bucket list, even non Motorhead fans.

I first took Finn to see them when he was 10 (to make up for a Bon Jovi concert I had taken him to that I didn’t think gave him the full concert experience) and this year me and Finn saw Motorhead again at the Eden Project. I said afterwards Lemmy was looking pretty frail and so it is both sad and a kind of relief he has passed. Sad that a legend has passed, a relief because a frail Lemmy is not what you want to see.

Lemmy lived life to the max, defying death since the 1970’s and is a great role model. I don’t mean a role model for for a drink and drugs lifestyle, I mean, if you are going to do something, whatever it is, go for it with 100% commitment and integrity.

2015 on Axe Head Farm has been one of ‘those years’. It’s been like we were being tested, to make sure we were 100% ‘in’ with commitment and integrity. As well as the tests, alot of good things have happened, I’ll list those first, to us it makes tremendous reading and we try to focus on them as much as possible.

trenchWe have had the official OK to stay on site while Di does the engineering and groundworks. While this is not in what you would regard as ‘normal’ living conditions, there are compensations, mostly the constant feeling of ‘I can’t believe it’.

Mains electricity and water is now connected. Phone line and internet is connected. The chicken zone is almost complete! The first polytunnel is largely built, with gratefully recieved help from our friends, and will be completed in spring with sprinkler system and lighting. Our orchard now covers almost 1 sq km and by spring will be larger still with many more apple varieties and other fruit.  Rabbit proofing the area designated for soft fruit and stock fencing the pig zones are scheduled for the new year so that they can start production (with electricity, we can now have freezers, electric fences, etc)

20150813_185149_resizedBut the resolve testing stuff has been ever present. The wind, rains and standing water hardly ever disappeared in 2015 making ground work tough. We haven’t been able to finish the track dug this time last year because it has been full of water for much of the year. The electricity, ordered in February took until mid November to be connected, and when it did, instead of the 50 meters of expensive earth cable we expected to need, a whopping 800 meters was required. The lack of electricity has had knock on effects in every way, but at least now, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched on!

Chicken RunIn addition, Di has been variously injured, mostly her wrist and elbow, but her CRPS has been issuing angry reminders that she is technically disabled and is only pretending to be well. And, she had to have some breast surgery in the summer, which required a recuperation period.

Having said that, Di is also the ‘force of nature’ that moves us forwards. She often ignores the pain she suffers and continues, despite my protestations. The upside of this, is that she has taken on many challenges this year that have been new to her. She has met every challenge and each victory has given her increased confidence in her abilities to meet the challenges ahead.

So, we are looking forward to 2016 with great optimism and confidence. This year we have learnt the hard way that ‘dreams’ are dreams because they are very difficult to achieve. If they were easy, they wouldn’t be dreams. We feel the biggest hurdles are… um, hurdled, although the track record suggests we just don’t know how big next years hurdles are!

Happy New Year everyone.